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Nami Ataee

Nami Ataee : Chief Technology Officer: Since Always

Dream Warrior Group's (DWG) founder and Chief Technology Officer Behnam "Nami" Ataee is truly the epitome of today's Renaissance man. A published author of two books of poetry along with two translations of the works of Sohrab Sepehri and Rumi, Ataee has had a love affair with the internet since his college days in the early 80's. Ataee's expertise spans from PHP programming, responsive design, User interface and Information Design to Social and e-Marketing and content development.

His long-term involvement with Internet (his first wife, as he puts it) has made him able to sense the coming changes and trends and keeps his company on the cutting edge. Savvy enough to be ahead of the curve and wise enough to know when not to respond to trends and changes in electronic media, Ataee has created turnkey solutions that have kept clients happy for the past 17 years. He has led his team of web development "white knights" and developed programs for movie asset management, personal shopping and content management. He has built libraries of designs and code for nearly any industries' need. He considers his current crown jewel to be "Art Dynamix," a content and data management system specifically designed for arts organizations. The licensed software gives clients a means of tracking their content, SEO, traffic, marketing and performance (event) data on the web. Prior to launching DWG in 1994, Ataee was the Art Director for Infonet Corporation for several years while simultaneously running Art Logix, his own programming company. Before the "birth" of the internet, he focused on specialized algorithms for enhancing interactions between any open systems. He also designed one of the first movie asset management systems for Hollywood Who-Done-It. Prior to that he worked as a System Application Engineer for Plaser Corporation in Fremont, CA. Previous to Plaser, Ataee owned and ran his own firm, Elixir Corporation. Ataee received his BS in Computer Engineering and Material Science from California State University, Northridge and a MA in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. He is a member of his local Chamber of Commerce and serves as a board member on the Pierce College Computer Science Advisory Board, a local community college. Always with a thirst for knowledge, Ataee is as passionate about art as he is about Science. He enjoys studying a wide variety of disciplines, and since the early 1980's has made it his mission to meet and speak to those living thinkers that he admires. Among the visionaries he has managed to talk to and/or interview are: Buckminster Fuller; Richard Feynman; author Robert Heinlein; Joseph Campbell; Farhad Anklesaria; and, Halsey Minor. Next, he has his sights set on meeting and interviewing the Chairman of Princeton Physics - Edward Witten and the Clintons. Ataee maintains that the resulting ideas, and sparks from these conversations, keeps him sharp and on his toes. With an optimism that is infectious, Nami truly believes there is no problem or challenge that the human mind cannot solve or overcome.

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